LEGO might have started as a construction toy in 1949 but it has evolved into a precisely engineered medium for building static or dynamic models of all shapes and sizes. Currently I mainly use LEGO as an alternate to expensive model railroading, but it is an excellent medium for any sort of creation in three dimensions.

Relevant posts on this site are categorized under lego.


All of my new models are going on the Nonsense Wars YouTube channel. Videos are five to ten minutes long and include commentary and footage.


Eurobricks is a LEGO community where I documented many of my models before YouTube. See my EB profile for a comprehensive list.


BrickShelf is a free image host for everything LEGO and practically an institution in the community. My account has pictures of almost all of the custom models I designed and built between 2000 and 2020. The majority of these models are grouped under space or trains.